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AIR install problem with MAC PowerPC / Leopard

Windows 2000 and Mac PowerPC are not supported with AIR 2. Users can install and run AIR 1.5 applications, but will not be able to install or update to AIR 2.
Source –

The below are the links to be used for MAC – AIR 1.5 installer


Debug Flash Player Capabilities

The below code debugs the capabilities of system, might be useful for debugging.

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>
<mx:Application xmlns:mx=”; layout=”horizontal”
import flash.system.Capabilities;
import mx.utils.ObjectUtil;
private function init() : void
var _capObj:Array = new Array();
capability.dataProvider = objectToArray(Capabilities);
private function objectToArray(cap:Class) : Array
var capObj:Object = ObjectUtil.getClassInfo(cap);
var _capArr:Array = new Array();
for each (var _capPropObj:Object in
if (_capPropObj.localName != “prototype”)
var capProp:Object = new Object();
capProp.Capability = _capPropObj.localName;
capProp.Value =Capabilities[capProp.Capability]
return _capArr;
<mx:DataGrid id=”capability” width=”100%” height=”100%” />