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Access Client Machine from AIR on Ease

This is a dream come true.
To run an EXE from AIR, do the following steps:
Step 1:
Install the exe from this Link
Step 2:
Import Flex Project samples, from install dir ex: C:\Program Files\FluorineFx Aperture\Samples
Step 3:
Copy *.dll files (apimaging.dll,apoutlook.dll,apSystem.dll,fluorinepp.dll and msi.dll) to your Flex src directory
Step 4:
Copy your ‘-app.xml’ to ‘C:\Program Files\FluorineFx Aperture\Debug’ location of install dir for debugging or just pack the AIR


States MXML tag converted into AS3 Code

<mx:State name=”minimized”>
<mx:SetProperty target=”{this}” property=”height” value=”{this.minHeight+15)}”/>
<mx:SetProperty target=”{this}” property=”width” value=”{this.minWidth}”/>
<mx:SetProperty target=”{this}” property=”vScrollPolicy” value=”off”/>
<mx:SetProperty target=”{this}” property=”hScrollPolicy” value=”off”/>

private function buildStates():void{
var overrides:Array = new Array();
var newState:State = new State();
overrides.push(makeSetProp(this,”height”,this.minHeight +5));
newState.overrides = overrides;
this.states = new Array(newState);
private function makeSetProp(target:UIComponent, property:String, value:*):SetProperty{
var sp:SetProperty = new SetProperty(); = target; = property;
sp.value = value;
return sp;

Flexible MXML Editor

click here for AIR version of Flexible, for editing and modifying the MXML. Alternative for Flex Builder. This works as MXML Parser. I have plans to create SWF instead of mxml (on runtime).

Applying Dynamic Properties for controls

Instead of using AS3 dynamic Class for assigning dynamic properties to the DisplayObject, the below line is best alternative:

DisplayObject[‘property’]= value

Using this i am working on mxml parser, planning for swf generator from AIR