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DAO / Pojo Generator for Java

Was unable to download the “DAO4J” best Open Source DAO generator of Java (Plugin for Squirrel Client).
At last found it from my Backups, will be useful tool for those looking for Pojo or DAO generation from any DB.

Get the Plugin from the link :


Generic DAO in AS3

Built an AS3 Project to Work with GenericDAO using Swiz and AS3Signals

The project was inspired by Java Spring Framework:
IBM Generic Dao

The project uses the benefits of DI provided by Swiz 1.0.
The Deferred Instantiation of Swiz builds DAO Object only when [Inject] keyword is used.

Also, uses the latest Spark SkinnableComponent Framework for the View Part with Passive View.

The Source can be downloaded from SwizDAO Git
The below is the code from Swiz Context for a DAO Object:

<swiz:Prototype name=”taskDAO” constructorArguments=”{[‘task’,taskProcessor]}” type=”{AbstractDAO}” singleton=”true”/>

Update Info :

Flex with JAVA

The best architectures for java with flex collaboration

spring – with – hibernate

spring -with – blaze

maven – with – spring – flex