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DAO / Pojo Generator for Java

Was unable to download the “DAO4J” best Open Source DAO generator of Java (Plugin for Squirrel Client).
At last found it from my Backups, will be useful tool for those looking for Pojo or DAO generation from any DB.

Get the Plugin from the link :


Getter / Setter Generation using Monkey

Steps to Install eclipse-monkey plugin

1. Inside FlexBuilder to to Help-> Software Updates-> Find and Install
2. Search new features to install
3. Add New Remote Site (enter name and url (
4. Click finish to check for updates and install Eclipse Monkey
5. Restart Flex Builder
6. paste js files inside scripts folder (

Generation In Action

Inside any as file

type ->
Select it and press Alt +1

type ->
press Alt + 2

type ->
Capital Letters – TITLESTR
Select it and press Alt + 3

Check the magic