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Elearning using Flex

I am glad to announce the first Step for basic requirements of E-Learning using Flex has been achieved.
Basic Requirements met:

  • All Flash player versions starting from Flash Player version 6 to 10, should be loaded. (For support of old elearning courses).
  • Without any memory leak due to loading multiple swf files.
  • Ability to navigate to any particular lesson (SWF).
  • XML Support for loading swf files into a lesson.
  • PreLoader for showing the loading status of individual SWF files
  • Ability to detect events of SWF files (eg: totalframes, swf playing etc.,) 

See the demo of loading a number of animations. The source files include and XML


String converted to Component Dynamically

VBox(or any class with package path)

var ctrl:String = ‘VBox’;
var ClassReference:Class = getDefinitionByName(“mx.controls.” + ctrl) as Class;
var ctrlObj:Object  = new ClassReference();

ctrlObj is now the class of any component you need for dynamic usage