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How to Modify SWF without Recompilation

I could n’t access my Laptop last week, but i had some urgent work to do (recompile a old SWF). Here is how i did it.
This post is just a reference and guide based on the Post.
Find the Point which you want to modify using any of the available SWF Decompilers
Decompress the SWF using : Java Source Code file link
Jar File Download Link
Usage :  java -jar SWFCompress.jar c 'YourSWF.swf'
Download the Nemo440.AIR , to view the hex code.
Notice the exact place of the code to be modified using
The conventions of u30 encrypted Hex code is provided by Adobe.
Download any Free Hex Editors like HxD, to edit the SWF
Find the code part and modify the -decompressed SWF
Compress the decompressed SWF, back to the form, using SWFCompress.jar.
Usage :  java -jar SWFCompress.jar d 'YourSWF.swf'

Now the re compressed SWF is ready to go. Have Fun Cracking, Hacking SWF’s


Flash 9 Decompiler with source

click here to download zip file containing command line flash 9 decompiler

unzip the file to decompile your flash 9 swf using this command prompt tool

copy the abcdump.exe to your local folder then place swf file too on the same folder then you are ready to decompile ex: c:\abcdump.exe <swffile>.swf

An open source decompiler link