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DAO / Pojo Generator for Java

Was unable to download the “DAO4J” best Open Source DAO generator of Java (Plugin for Squirrel Client).
At last found it from my Backups, will be useful tool for those looking for Pojo or DAO generation from any DB.

Get the Plugin from the link :


Flex with Java Collaborative using the Best Architectures of Both

This Post was my overdue subject, I wanted to help with a sample Application using Cairngorm, Spring BlazeDS Integration & Generic DAO.

This might be a heavy subject as it deals with many subjects:

The Source is available at the link: cairnspring

How to use the source effectively?
it is simple, steps below:

  1. Download, Source and Libs
  2. Unzip both and import “CairnSpring”, to your Eclipse
  3. Paste the lib files to “CairnSpring\WebContent\WEB-INF\lib” folder
  4. Import the “db.sql” into your MySQL Db, (change mysql port to 3036, else can be configured to default in “CairnSpring\WebContent\WEB-INF\config\” file)
  5. In Eclipse, Window -> Preferences -> Web and XML -> XML Catalog -> Add User Specified Entries with below values
    Location : CairnSpring/WebContent/WEB-INF/config/spring-flex-1.0.xsd
    KeyType : Namespace Name
    Key :
  6. Start the Tomcat Server with CairnSpring instance (the server host and port can be configured in file “CairnSpring\flex_src\”)

SQLLite DBManager for AIR

The code file contains functions for managing SQL Lite Table and Database