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Swiz Framework for Mobile Development (Source Example)

Source for Android/ iOS/ Blackberry Mobile App Universal-Currency.
Developed with Flex 4.5.1 SDK and AIR 2.7 SDK

The project does currency conversion, using HTTPService via SwizDAO Framework

Check the code base:


DAO / Pojo Generator for Java

Was unable to download the “DAO4J” best Open Source DAO generator of Java (Plugin for Squirrel Client).
At last found it from my Backups, will be useful tool for those looking for Pojo or DAO generation from any DB.

Get the Plugin from the link :

Project: Swiz DAO

Libraries Used:  Swiz, AS3Signals and FoomongerSwizFramework.
To create GenericDAO framework, like IBM Generic DAO (Java /Spring/ Hibernate)
About GenericDAO:
DAO is the Object which manages to perform CRUD Operation and other Common
Operations to be done over a ValueObject ( known as Pojo in Java ).
GenericDAO is a reusable DAO class which can be used generically.

In IBM GenericDAO, to add a new DAO, the steps to be done is simply,
  1. Add a valueobject (pojo).
  2. Add a hbm.xml mapping file for the valueobject.
  3. Add the 10-line Spring configuration file for the DAO.
Similarly, in AS3 Project Swiz DAO. We want to attain a similar feet of achievement.
Client Side GenericDAO model:
As we were working on a Client Side language, also we should be managing a persistent object Collection (for every valueObject) .
<swiz:Prototype name=”personDAO”
constructorArguments=”{[‘person’,personProcessor]}” type=”{AbstractDAO}”
Added, How it works in Github: DI Mechanism Link

Flex with JAVA

The best architectures for java with flex collaboration

spring – with – hibernate

spring -with – blaze

maven – with – spring – flex