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iOS Packaging from Flex

My latest experience on converting Flex App to iOS, might be of use for beginners.

Debug version ipa generation is faster than rest, make sure you select Ad Hoc Distribution for testing the app on any device with Developer licence and Developer Provisioning Profile.

Make sure you use Mac for porting the application with Apple’s iPhone Configuration Utility, otherwise with windows use iTunes for porting the app into Device.


You cannot install IPA files to the device via Apple’s iPhone Configuration Utility on WIN, got error “Could not install application on device. Error kAMDReceiveMessageError”. Workaround is to install IPA with iTunes on Windows or iTunes/iPhone Configuration Utility on Mac OS (2810687) (source :

The list of Device Capabilities to work with Camera


Flex Mobile Apps

Demo Videos List

Apps Github Source Android Market BlackBerry AppWorld Amazon AppStore
eStud Link Link Link Link
UniversalCurrency Link Link Link Link
FlexMock Link Link Link Link
EduTube Link Link Link Link
CartoonTV Link Link Link Link
RhymeTV Link Link Link Link
AnimatorWatch Link Link Link Link

ByteArray Util

ByteArray to Encode and Decode Objects as String based on

Move Scroll bar on left side Flex4

I struggled a lot, but fixed it with easy tweak.
s:List Property -> layoutDirection=”rtl”
Note, in case you were using itemRenderer , make the reverse there to avoid arabic right to left effect by :
s:ItemRenderer Property -> layoutDirection=”ltr”

Random Password Generation

A Small Util Function to create random Password Generation

Parallel Computing in AS3 //P

Managed to create a Master – Slave architecture between a group of SWF Files.
This group will have a Master SWF which will command other slave swf’s to do certain processing.

This architecture might be helpful in distributing the processing to many files thus reducing the Memory being occupied in a Single SWF.

With IoC in proper form in future, will be successful editing the Slave SWF’s Dynamically.

Code for Master :

Code for Slaves :

This Architecture avails running multiple threads with different SWF files at same time

AS3 Design Patterns

Did prepared Presentation of AS3 Design Patterns :