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Flex 4 ACE Mock Exam

Glad to release the version 1.0 of FlexACE Mock Exam Application:

The Application is based on our experience of getting ACE Certification.
The application free for download on these links:

Source Link, Android App Link, BlackBerry App Link, Amazon App Link, Desktop AIR Link

Looking forward to your feedback to improve the application Experience.
Best wishes on getting ACE Certification.


Flex 4 ACE Questions

Passed ACE Certification with Flex4.

The differences of Flex3 and Flex 4 certifications
1/ more questions – 59 questions (previously 50)
2/ more time – 90 minutes (previously 60 min) Don’t bother about time factor you will have at least 30 minutes spare time for review.
3/ UI have more share among questions 35 %
4/ In Flex_Exam_Guide – They didn’t mentioned about LCDS, but we got Questions from LCDS too.

1/ Do use attest, as it is the only resource we have for mockup
2/ Unlike Attest the questions will be in shuffled order
3/ While you attend ACE, don’t forget to use “Flag for review”, whenever you have doubt on your answer.
4/ The Questionnaire will be different for everyone

The below are some important topics, these areas required to be refreshed before attempting ACE.

RemoteObject vs. Webservice vs. HTTPService

[RemoteClass],[Bindable] Metadatas,E4X xml query, Labelfunction and Labelfield usage,Custom Event, Producer, consumer, validator,TabNavigator ,viewstack, setStyle, BlendMode, Modules vs. Sub Applications and formatter

Interface, Encapsulation, Design patterns, access modifiers, Constructor and getter setters

native platform in AIR Application,File management in AIR, Preloader, Drag and Drop in AIR, Security Sandbox in AIR, SQL Lite in AIR, create a Native AIR Application, Badge Installer in AIR

Spark :
working with state, ArrayList vs. Arraycollection, Animate, constraint layout in Spark Components, orientation of Child components,effects, create a custom component, Two-Way Binding, IVisualElement, ItemRenderer, LayoutBase, SkinnableComponent, TextInput, CSS namespace declaration, Descendant ID Type Class CSS types and Group

Speaking at DevSummit

Looking forward to speak at Adobe DevSummit @Chennai 24/Nov & @Hyd 1/Dec on Topic “Integration of Spring with BlazeDS and CairngormUM (Deep Dive)”

The Presentation Document : link &

Speaking at Adobe DevSummit


Using IViewCursor for Navigation

The Below code is example for using IViewCursor for ArrayCollection Navigation

<?xml version=”1.0″?>
<mx:Application xmlns:mx=”; initialize=”run();”>
import mx.collections.*;
private var myCursor:IViewCursor;
public var myAC:ArrayCollection;
public var myArray:Array = [ { label:1, data:”One” }, { label:2, data:”Two” }, { label:3, data:”Three” }, { label:4, data:”Four” }, { label:5, data:”Five” },
{ label:6, data:”Six” }, { label:7, data:”Seven” }, { label:8, data:”Eight” }, { label:9, data:”Nine” }, {label:10, data:”Ten”}];

public function run():void {
myAC = new ArrayCollection(myArray);
var sort:Sort = new Sort();
sort.fields = [new SortField(“label”)];
first.enabled = false;
back.enabled = false;
public function countLast(theCursor:IViewCursor):int {
var counter:int=0;
var mark:CursorBookmark=theCursor.bookmark;
while (theCursor.moveNext()) {
return counter;
public function countFromSelection():void {
var count:int = countLast(myCursor);
ta1.text = “cursor is at: ” + myCursor.current.label;
public function nextCollection():void {
if(! myCursor.afterLast) {
ta1.text=”cursor is at: ” + myCursor.current.label;
public function backCollection():void {
if(!myCursor.beforeFirst) {
ta1.text=”cursor is at: ” + myCursor.current.label;
public function firstCollection():void {;
ta1.text=”cursor is at: ” + myCursor.current.label;
public function lastCollection():void {;
ta1.text=”cursor is at: ” + myCursor.current.label;
public function navigate(event:MouseEvent):void {
switch(event.currentTarget.label) {
case ‘first’:
case ‘back’:
case ‘next’:
case ‘last’:
public function enableDisableButtons():void{
var firstInCollection:Boolean = myAC.getItemAt(0) == myCursor.current;
first.enabled = back.enabled = !firstInCollection
var lastInCollection:Boolean = myAC.getItemAt(myAC.length – 1) == myCursor.current;
last.enabled = next.enabled = !lastInCollection;
<mx:ComboBox id=”myCB” dataProvider=”{myAC}” change=”countFromSelection();”/>
<mx:TextArea id=”ta1″ height=”200″ width=”175″/>
<mx:Button label=”first” id=”first” click=”navigate(event)”/>
<mx:Button label=”back” id=”back” click=”navigate(event)”/>
<mx:Button label=”next” id=”next” click=”navigate(event)”/>
<mx:Button label=”last” id=”last” click=”navigate(event)”/>

Adobe Share AIR

Click here to use the Adobe Share AIR package for latest AIR version (1.0), using Adobe Share API