Away3d With AIR

To Solve the problem : Error #2044: Unhandled ErrorEvent:. text=Error #3702: Context3D not available.
Keep the AIR xml rendermode property into gpu


iOS Packaging from Flex

My latest experience on converting Flex App to iOS, might be of use for beginners.

Debug version ipa generation is faster than rest, make sure you select Ad Hoc Distribution for testing the app on any device with Developer licence and Developer Provisioning Profile.

Make sure you use Mac for porting the application with Apple’s iPhone Configuration Utility, otherwise with windows use iTunes for porting the app into Device.


You cannot install IPA files to the device via Apple’s iPhone Configuration Utility on WIN, got error “Could not install application on device. Error kAMDReceiveMessageError”. Workaround is to install IPA with iTunes on Windows or iTunes/iPhone Configuration Utility on Mac OS (2810687) (source :

The list of Device Capabilities to work with Camera


Dispatching Mouse Event on Any X,Y Coordinate





The Code Snippet for Dispatching Mouse Event Manually

Applying Mask to overlay colors on any shape

Inspired by, the site which helps to design shirts online.
Made a mask with shirt shape to overlay on the shirt, for dynamically changing color of the shirt.


Face Detection in AS3

Lately working in FaceDetection, did shared code of my first steps on Face Detection

Hope it helps for beginners

Flex 4 ACE Mock Exam

Glad to release the version 1.0 of FlexACE Mock Exam Application:

The Application is based on our experience of getting ACE Certification.
The application free for download on these links:

Source Link, Android App Link, BlackBerry App Link, Amazon App Link, Desktop AIR Link

Looking forward to your feedback to improve the application Experience.
Best wishes on getting ACE Certification.

Flex Mobile Apps

Demo Videos List

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