Circle Radiant AS3 Button

Code Available here


Average RGB colors

Util for Finding Average RGB colors seperately

Detect Skin Colors using AS3

Did a stint on Flex after a long gap, got this..

Spark Color Picker

Spark based Color Picker Component : Check the code base – Usage

set maintainAspectRatio true for Spark Image

To use maintainAspectRatio true in your Spark Image, use the fillMode=”scale” and scaleMode=”letterbox”

<s:Image id=”img” smooth=”true” fillMode=”scale” scaleMode=”letterbox” />

due to : spark.primitives.BitmapImage

private function get maintainAspectRatio():Boolean{
return (_scaleMode == BitmapScaleMode.LETTERBOX && _fillMode == BitmapFillMode.SCALE);}

SVG Editor

Code Snippet for SVG Editor tool using AS3

Color Transform Image in AS3

Code Snippet to Color Transform the Image