Detect Skin Colors using AS3

Did a stint on Flex after a long gap, got this..

Spark Color Picker

Spark based Color Picker Component : Check the code base – Usage

set maintainAspectRatio true for Spark Image

To use maintainAspectRatio true in your Spark Image, use the fillMode=”scale” and scaleMode=”letterbox”

<s:Image id=”img” smooth=”true” fillMode=”scale” scaleMode=”letterbox” />

due to : spark.primitives.BitmapImage

private function get maintainAspectRatio():Boolean{
return (_scaleMode == BitmapScaleMode.LETTERBOX && _fillMode == BitmapFillMode.SCALE);}

SVG Editor

Code Snippet for SVG Editor tool using AS3

Color Transform Image in AS3

Code Snippet to Color Transform the Image

Away3d With AIR

To Solve the problem : Error #2044: Unhandled ErrorEvent:. text=Error #3702: Context3D not available.
Keep the AIR xml rendermode property into gpu

iOS Packaging from Flex

My latest experience on converting Flex App to iOS, might be of use for beginners.

Debug version ipa generation is faster than rest, make sure you select Ad Hoc Distribution for testing the app on any device with Developer licence and Developer Provisioning Profile.

Make sure you use Mac for porting the application with Apple’s iPhone Configuration Utility, otherwise with windows use iTunes for porting the app into Device.


You cannot install IPA files to the device via Apple’s iPhone Configuration Utility on WIN, got error “Could not install application on device. Error kAMDReceiveMessageError”. Workaround is to install IPA with iTunes on Windows or iTunes/iPhone Configuration Utility on Mac OS (2810687) (source :

The list of Device Capabilities to work with Camera