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Flex 4 ACE Mock Exam

Glad to release the version 1.0 of FlexACE Mock Exam Application:

The Application is based on our experience of getting ACE Certification.
The application free for download on these links:

Source Link, Android App Link, BlackBerry App Link, Amazon App Link, Desktop AIR Link

Looking forward to your feedback to improve the application Experience.
Best wishes on getting ACE Certification.


Move Scroll bar on left side Flex4

I struggled a lot, but fixed it with easy tweak.
s:List Property -> layoutDirection=”rtl”
Note, in case you were using itemRenderer , make the reverse there to avoid arabic right to left effect by :
s:ItemRenderer Property -> layoutDirection=”ltr”

Parallel Computing in AS3 //P

Managed to create a Master – Slave architecture between a group of SWF Files.
This group will have a Master SWF which will command other slave swf’s to do certain processing.

This architecture might be helpful in distributing the processing to many files thus reducing the Memory being occupied in a Single SWF.

With IoC in proper form in future, will be successful editing the Slave SWF’s Dynamically.

Code for Master :

Code for Slaves :

This Architecture avails running multiple threads with different SWF files at same time

XML to Object

The Project i have created converts the XML into required object in simple steps. Have a look on it : XSLT

Convert int to String

The AS3 Util Function is posted on the below link
Utility to convert number or integer to String. The util function is useful in many applications.

AIR install problem with MAC PowerPC / Leopard

Windows 2000 and Mac PowerPC are not supported with AIR 2. Users can install and run AIR 1.5 applications, but will not be able to install or update to AIR 2.
Source –

The below are the links to be used for MAC – AIR 1.5 installer

Flex 4 in a Week

Watch Flex4 videos from Adobe or refer torrent to download them

Flex 4 Best Explained on Pictures :

Flex 4 DOM Tree model – [Link]