Cairngorm revisited, with Flex 4.5

Did used Cairngorm after long time with Flex 4.5 SDK, it’s fun working with Cairngorm after more than 2 years.
Did a sample code base for RSS viewer.
Check the code:

    • Manuel Guillén
    • June 27th, 2011

    Hi! I have used cairngorm in my flex 3 apps, really useful. What are the best frameworks or micro-architectures for use in the new flash builder 4.5 applications? Mate, Swiz, RobotLegs, Cairngorm? Thanks for your guidance.

    • There is no big difference in flex3 or flex4.5 when it comes to the choice of best framework.
      As the Architectural framework (Mate, Swiz, RobotLegs or Cairngorm) what you choose for development doesn’t have much impact due to different versions of Application framework (SDK’s)

      My personal Opinion:
      For small / medium size projects without need for much maintenance we need not use any Architectural frameworks.
      Cairngorm is not suitable when it comes to maintaining minimal code base. It requires lots of files and code yet.
      If still you want to use Cairngorm, try the Universal Mind’s extension of Cairngorm

      Apart from Cairngorm and PureMVC, all most available frameworks are IoC frameworks.
      IoC is the best way of coding (as like Java Spring).

      Comparably, the Swiz is more robust and easy to Learn and adapt. It have easy ways to tweak and add your own Processors.

    • Manuel Guillén
    • June 28th, 2011

    Thanks, very much, for the tips. I go to explore Swiz. My applications are rarely medium size, but I want to learn to implement a new framework. Best regards.

    • bigor
    • August 25th, 2011

    2.2.1 cairngorm flex works in 4.5?

  1. Hi,

    I started flex development some time back. As the application level increased the code was unmanigable. I looked and found several frameworks being used as cairngrom, mate, puremvc etc.

    I follwed net and found caringrom to be widly used but didn’t found caringrom 3 tutorials much. I have to use with flex 4.5

    I visited cairngrom page and found they are varrious libraries. I coudn’t decide which one to use.

    how do i decide and use…is there any tutorial u can guide.

  2. Or Shall I prefer using earlier Cairngrom version (2.*)

    Which is best..

    • Ravi
    • January 21st, 2012

    I have been in Flex Platform from couple of years,enjoyed and learned off course amazed about flash player capabilities until now recently our Team Lead and other senior guys suggests us to migrate to HTML5 because Adobe has abandon the Flex and like that is their anything serious to worry about for people like me with just 2 yrs experience.
    what is the feature of Flex and Flex Developers after couple of years please suggest me ..

    Thanks & Regads
    Raviteja B

    • Hi Ravi,
      The flex will be on need still the moment some better alternative appear with same credibility. All the buzz happening on news will be for time being. The flex will mature more with Apache, to position itself better. In your case, you can keep learning HTML5 or iOS along with working on Flex. Or you can leverage your flex knowledge by learning LUA or haxe which are very similar to AS3.

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