Things i learnt new from ACE -Flex4

ACE exam was a good learning experience for me, I came to learn about these new things yesterday.

  • saveCache is used in LCDS for offline mode saving.
  • Native Platform style is default setting for AIR.
  • FileMode.Update is used to make the both file writing and reading.
  • AcceptDragDrop is the method used to accept an DragObject and DoDrag is to initiate the dragging.
  • SQLConnection is the class used for setting SQLLite into write mode.
  • SQLStatement class property “text” is used for the sql querying purpose.
  • mouseDownEffect also can be used to set the Effect on MouseClick.
  • widthInChars is new property for TextInput which can be used to set width.
  • AIR can access the methods of loaded SWF by default.
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