Flex 4 ACE Questions

Passed ACE Certification with Flex4.

The differences of Flex3 and Flex 4 certifications
1/ more questions – 59 questions (previously 50)
2/ more time – 90 minutes (previously 60 min) Don’t bother about time factor you will have at least 30 minutes spare time for review.
3/ UI have more share among questions 35 %
4/ In Flex_Exam_Guide – They didn’t mentioned about LCDS, but we got Questions from LCDS too.

1/ Do use attest, as it is the only resource we have for mockup
2/ Unlike Attest the questions will be in shuffled order
3/ While you attend ACE, don’t forget to use “Flag for review”, whenever you have doubt on your answer.
4/ The Questionnaire will be different for everyone

The below are some important topics, these areas required to be refreshed before attempting ACE.

RemoteObject vs. Webservice vs. HTTPService

[RemoteClass],[Bindable] Metadatas,E4X xml query, Labelfunction and Labelfield usage,Custom Event, Producer, consumer, validator,TabNavigator ,viewstack, setStyle, BlendMode, Modules vs. Sub Applications and formatter

Interface, Encapsulation, Design patterns, access modifiers, Constructor and getter setters

native platform in AIR Application,File management in AIR, Preloader, Drag and Drop in AIR, Security Sandbox in AIR, SQL Lite in AIR, create a Native AIR Application, Badge Installer in AIR

Spark :
working with state, ArrayList vs. Arraycollection, Animate, constraint layout in Spark Components, orientation of Child components,effects, create a custom component, Two-Way Binding, IVisualElement, ItemRenderer, LayoutBase, SkinnableComponent, TextInput, CSS namespace declaration, Descendant ID Type Class CSS types and Group

  1. Congratulations dude. 🙂 Probably the first blog that i noticed to clear the ACE Flex 4 stuff.

    • Prabodh bhatt
    • August 19th, 2010

    hey many many congrats on passing flex4 certification

    • Thanks

    • Ceren
    • August 26th, 2010

    Hi Dev, This is Ceren. Fist of all, I want to say you Thank you for doing such a wonderful work but I am seeing that you are advertising the Attest software. Are you work for Attest company, if not then why are you promoting this useless product. I saying this because I use this software for Flex 3 exam and did’t pass the exam (totally useless software). I find your blog while I was searching flex 4 questions. Your blog can do more better than now if you stop the promoting this useless software. I wish your blog do great.


    • Hi ceren,
      I don’t work for Attest, but as we don’t have any other alternative to Attest. I would rather consider myself creating a free stuff with better questions.

    • fojimais
    • October 31st, 2010

    Hi Devraj

    how to email you?


  2. I thought the Attest software was good in preparing for the Flex 3 ACE exam. Having said that, if Attest is your only study resource you will likely not pass the exam. Think of it as a resource to identify your weak areas for further study before the exam.

    As far as how to prepare for the ACE exams (I am Flex 2 and 3 ACE certified), I always recommend the Flex help system or documents. Just take the time to go through most of the help system twice, compiling all the sample programs. It takes time, but that, combined with Attest, will virtually assure your passing the exam.

    I’m preparing for the Flex 4 ACE exam, and am reading the Flex 4 help doc now. I even extracted chapter 6 on enhancing the UI to my Android phone to study while on my skiing vacation over Christmas.

    • Sanchit
    • February 4th, 2011

    Hi Dev,

    can you please tell me about ACE exam in detail. means, what is the cost for the exam ? where we need to register ?
    where we have to give the exam ? and etc….

    • saisri
    • April 19th, 2011

    Will be great if yu have some sample questions here! Congrats in btwn!

  1. August 10th, 2010

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