Project: Swiz DAO

Libraries Used:  Swiz, AS3Signals and FoomongerSwizFramework.
To create GenericDAO framework, like IBM Generic DAO (Java /Spring/ Hibernate)
About GenericDAO:
DAO is the Object which manages to perform CRUD Operation and other Common
Operations to be done over a ValueObject ( known as Pojo in Java ).
GenericDAO is a reusable DAO class which can be used generically.

In IBM GenericDAO, to add a new DAO, the steps to be done is simply,
  1. Add a valueobject (pojo).
  2. Add a hbm.xml mapping file for the valueobject.
  3. Add the 10-line Spring configuration file for the DAO.
Similarly, in AS3 Project Swiz DAO. We want to attain a similar feet of achievement.
Client Side GenericDAO model:
As we were working on a Client Side language, also we should be managing a persistent object Collection (for every valueObject) .
<swiz:Prototype name=”personDAO”
constructorArguments=”{[‘person’,personProcessor]}” type=”{AbstractDAO}”
Added, How it works in Github: DI Mechanism Link

  1. May 12th, 2010
  2. May 12th, 2010

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