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P2P Video Conferencing : Stratus

The adobe labs rocks once again, Stratus. This is a superior technology for P2P communication using RTMFP-capable server. The link does have sample included, example here (w/o DB) and here (w DB) . I have included file sharing along with this.


Licensing Flex / AIR Application

I have came through the thread and this is my solution  to protect the product with a serial key uncrackable.

The solution can be used in both Online browser based / AIR products.

The MD5 class does create a Unique system ID and verifies the MD5 checksum with a foreign key to check whether the user is registered or not.

MD5.registereduser – Boolean returns true, if user is registered.
MD5.skey                      – The Serial key to be used, to register (can store in a db or xml)
MD5.setRegKey(MD5.skey);   – To unlock the product.