Elearning using Flex

I am glad to announce the first Step for basic requirements of E-Learning using Flex has been achieved.
Basic Requirements met:

  • All Flash player versions starting from Flash Player version 6 to 10, should be loaded. (For support of old elearning courses).
  • Without any memory leak due to loading multiple swf files.
  • Ability to navigate to any particular lesson (SWF).
  • XML Support for loading swf files into a lesson.
  • PreLoader for showing the loading status of individual SWF files
  • Ability to detect events of SWF files (eg: totalframes, swf playing etc.,) 

See the demo of loading a number of animations. The source files include floader.mxmlForcibleLoader.as and XML

  1. I am not very clear as to what is the difference between the output created using Flex and Flash. Both will give you the swf files which will be run using Flash Player.

    The above requirements listed are more applicable to Flash Player. Can you more elaborate as to what can Flex be used for from an elearning perspective. As in for creating course or for creating application which can generate these courses or an application like an CMS or LMS

  2. Yes, Brijesh you are correct. There is no difference between the output created from Flex and Flash in the sense of how it is embedded on a browser or using Flash player.

    The main aspect is the Lib files used for Flex, which matters much in the faster development of any RIA.

    Here, what I tried on a first step is to have a Platform which can reuse (old version swf files) and also can be served for the newer files under a same roof. Thus, to use the power of Flex and AS3 for e-learning development through various mediums (AIR, Mobile (future version) and traditional browser embedding).

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