States MXML tag converted into AS3 Code

<mx:State name=”minimized”>
<mx:SetProperty target=”{this}” property=”height” value=”{this.minHeight+15)}”/>
<mx:SetProperty target=”{this}” property=”width” value=”{this.minWidth}”/>
<mx:SetProperty target=”{this}” property=”vScrollPolicy” value=”off”/>
<mx:SetProperty target=”{this}” property=”hScrollPolicy” value=”off”/>

private function buildStates():void{
var overrides:Array = new Array();
var newState:State = new State();
overrides.push(makeSetProp(this,”height”,this.minHeight +5));
newState.overrides = overrides;
this.states = new Array(newState);
private function makeSetProp(target:UIComponent, property:String, value:*):SetProperty{
var sp:SetProperty = new SetProperty(); = target; = property;
sp.value = value;
return sp;

  1. here i want sample code convertion

    action script to mxml

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