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AS3 function Overloading

The below mxml code demonstrates function overloading in AS3 using …args
fnCreateOverLoaded function can be given with variable number of arguments and handled differently.

<?xml version=’1.0′ encoding=’utf-8′?>
<Application xmlns=’’&gt;
import flash.utils.Dictionary;
public var targetMap: Dictionary = new Dictionary();
public var targetEventMap: Dictionary;
private function addEvent(event:Event, listener:Function, …args ) : void
targetEventMap = targetMap[] == undefined ? new Dictionary : targetMap[];
targetEventMap[event.type] = { listener:listener, args:args };
targetMap[] = targetEventMap; event.type, onEvent,false,0,true);
private function onEvent ( e:Event ) : void
targetEventMap = targetMap[e.currentTarget];
if (targetEventMap[e.type].args[0] is Event) targetEventMap[e.type].args.shift();
targetEventMap[e.type].args.unshift( e );
targetEventMap[e.type].listener.apply( e.currentTarget, targetEventMap[e.type].args );
private function handlerFn(e:MouseEvent,…args) : void
var tempObject:Object = new Object();
var functionName:String = ‘fnc’ + (args.length).toString();
tempObject.functionName = new Function()[‘fnOverLoaded’].apply(this, args))
private function fnOverLoaded(…args):void { args.toString(),’arguments ‘+(args.length).toString())
private function fnCreateOverLoaded(…args):void {
var event:Event = args[0] as Event
if(targetMap[] == undefined ){
public function removeEvent( target:IEventDispatcher, type:String ) : void
var targetEventMap : Dictionary = targetMap[target];
delete targetEventMap[type];
target.removeEventListener( type, onEvent );
<Button id=’btn1′ label=’with2Args’ click=”fnCreateOverLoaded(event, handlerFn,’arg1′, ‘arg2′)” />
<Button label=’with4Args’ click=”fnCreateOverLoaded(event, handlerFn,’arg1′, ‘arg2′,’arg3’, ‘arg4’)” />


custom Event with isDefaultPrevented()

Step 1:
dispatchEvent(new Event(“customEvent”, false, true )) [Link]
Step 2:
addEventListener( “customEvent”, handler, false, EventPriority.DEFAULT_HANDLER, true );  [Link]
The EventPriority.DEFAULT_HANDLER enables prevent default

 By Implementing these steps – and plus your custom handling for event.isDefaultPrevented()  enables your custom event to be prevented from action. Example: [Link]

Flash Player 10 Release

Great news, now we can save file from flash. we have new data type vector, support for 3d, new text engine and lot more 🙂  To develop code using flex for Flash 10

Code to Save any file in using flash
var fr:FileReference;‘data to be saved in a file’,;

example : files

Adobe release notes