Archive for April, 2008

AIR Popup

Click here to have a look on AIR with multiple nativewindow instance (App also plays my Marriage video)


F3 Player

Hi, Click to have a look on MP3 player, i have created using AS3.0 with source code

Flexible MXML Editor

click here for AIR version of Flexible, for editing and modifying the MXML. Alternative for Flex Builder. This works as MXML Parser. I have plans to create SWF instead of mxml (on runtime).

Restart your flex Application

navigateToURL(new URLRequest(Application.application.url), ‘_self’);

Flex Error

Check MP3 capabilities of user system using
flash.system.Capabilities.hasMP3         Other wise you will be getting
TypeError: Error #1009: Cannot access a property or method of a null object reference.
I was stuck because of that (my audio driver was not installed)