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Applying Dynamic Properties for controls

Instead of using AS3 dynamic Class for assigning dynamic properties to the DisplayObject, the below line is best alternative:

DisplayObject[‘property’]= value

Using this i am working on mxml parser, planning for swf generator from AIR


eval in AS3

To do this, you need to include the keyword “dynamic” as part of your class declaration, e.g., public dynamic class Foo. Then to make the call, just say:

var functionName:String = “foo” + bar;
if (this.hasOwnProperty(functionName))


SWF Loader (Flash CS3)

click here to see the code for loading anykind of swf files inside swf generated using Flash CS3, with Seamless effort. This example AS loads ‘1.swf’ to ‘8.swf’. For which u can control with buttons prev_btn, next_btn to navigate among them. swfLoader_mc is the movieclip used to load them. preloader_mc with loadbar_mc and myText(txt) shows the loading.

PNR Status (Indian Railway)

click here to install an Application to check the passenger status for Indian Railway Ticket.


click here to install AIR Application to google ( created using HTML and AIR )

SMTP Quick Emailer – AIR

request here to install AIR package using socket to send email using SMTP connection, you can send quick email to any email ID you need, For Source files check this link


Adobe Share AIR

Click here to use the Adobe Share AIR package for latest AIR version (1.0), using Adobe Share API