Flash 9 Decompiler with source

click here to download zip file containing command line flash 9 decompiler

unzip the file to decompile your flash 9 swf using this command prompt tool

copy the abcdump.exe to your local folder then place swf file too on the same folder then you are ready to decompile ex: c:\abcdump.exe <swffile>.swf

An open source decompiler link

  1. Example :
    RawAmfService class below after compilation

    public class RawAmfService extends EventDispatcher
    public var gatewayUrl:String = “”;
    var loader:URLLoader;

    public function RawAmfService()
    loader = new URLLoader();
    loader.addEventListener(’complete’, readData);


    And the decompiled class looks like:

    class RawAmfService extends flash.events::EventDispatcher
    var gatewayUrl:String = “” /* slot_id 0 */
    var loader:flash.net::URLLoader /* slot_id 0 */

    function RawAmfService():* /* disp_id -1*/
    // local_count=1 max_scope=1 max_stack=3 code_len=40
    0 getlocal0
    1 pushscope
    2 findproperty gatewayUrl
    5 pushstring “”
    7 initproperty gatewayUrl
    10 getlocal0
    11 constructsuper (0)
    13 findproperty loader
    16 findpropstrict flash.net::URLLoader
    19 constructprop flash.net::URLLoader (0)
    23 initproperty loader
    26 getlex loader
    29 pushstring “complete”
    32 getlex readData
    35 callpropvoid addEventListener (2)
    39 returnvoid


    • aaa
    • February 23rd, 2008

    How to use?

    it only create a il file

  2. You can open that il file using any text editor. That will give you the overall bytecode kind output

    • Andrew
    • February 28th, 2008

    Is it going to be true decompiler, and will decompile function body as well in future?

  3. No, myself waiting for a proper decompiler. But, I am sure that the decompiler(of future) will give output in form of AS3 with lot of mx components (hard to read)

    • nisam
    • December 30th, 2008

    hi, i have one swf file as3 hw to decompail it?

    • Better use Sothink, else give me the file, i will help u out

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