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Flash vs. Flex

Click here to check the differences, by the way the purpose of that site creation is to invite my friends for my marriage 🙂


Flash 9 Decompiler with source

click here to download zip file containing command line flash 9 decompiler

unzip the file to decompile your flash 9 swf using this command prompt tool

copy the abcdump.exe to your local folder then place swf file too on the same folder then you are ready to decompile ex: c:\abcdump.exe <swffile>.swf

An open source decompiler link

GMap widget

Click here to check the flash based google map 😉

Create free PDF online

Click here  to view example for creation of PDF file using Rich Text Editor of Flex 😉 using AlivePDF

MDI Form using Flex

Click here to see the Windows MDI form component with papervison 3d component inside 😉

changing Transcript on PlayHead time

The example demonstrates on how to change transcript with timeline on Flex, using XML. (an important feature for e Learning). The XML of having timeline details were generated using another Flex application specially made for this.

Interact with 3d Objects

Click to view the example how to interact with 3d max file using Flex